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A close friend of Madeline and the Carlson family, known on the internet as “The Gruppeteer”, has also helped raise money for his friend’s treatment through his YouTube series, “Cartoons VS Cancer” on his channel Gruppetstudios. On the show, Gruppeteer invites creators of famous animated TV shows and/or directors of animated movies to a livestream interview. During which, he and the creators answer questions that fans write in live on air. It’s a fun, laid-back and light-hearted show full of interesting insight on some of your favorite cartoons, the inspiration and crazy stories behind them, and the ever-changing animation industry.

The Gruppeteer has had the pleasure of having guests like Jorge Gutierrez (Book Of Life, El Tigre), Mr. Warburton (Codename: Kids Next Door), Rob Renzetti (My Life As A Teenage Robot), John Dilworth (Courage The Cowardly Dog), Patrick McHale (Over The Garden Wall), and the list only keeps getting longer. It has attracted much attention, even sparking the interests of Brad Bird (voice of Edna Mode in The Incredibles, which he also directed, as well as the films The Iron Giant, Tommorowland, Ratatouille, and Mission Impossible – Ghost Protocol), who, while too busy with his next film (The Incredibles 2) to join the show for an interview, sent Madeline an autographed poster of his character Edna Mode.


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The Gruppeteer spends long hours of emailing, writing letters, and occasionally using a bit too much over his phone bill (don’t tell his mom…) to get as many fun guests as possible, which, of course is all to help his good friend, Maddie. During the duration of the show (the first episode aired in August of 2015), The Gruppeteer has raised and collected lots of donations for Madeline and other children with cancer, while also learning a lot about public speaking and animation, a field he hopes to see himself in one day. He hopes this show will show people that while cancer is scary, some of the people that created the things we love most are just as human as us, and that there’s always hope no matter what. Those losing hope can turn to his show to see that some of their idols have gone through hardships, too, and emerged to make things that people love to watch over and over due to the feeling of happiness it gives them.


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