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Great News!
No evidence of disease!

In her first and second scans post-treatment, Maddie showed no evidence of disease.

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Face of the Gruppeteer
Cartoons vs Cancer
There are now 19 episodes!

Our apologies to The Gruppeteer!
We haven’t kept up to speed with his amazing work.

We are finally caught up and you can see the entire Cartoons vs Cancer series right here. Just click below!

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Grants Maddie’s long time wish
to meet the cast of…

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More details to come!

Grey's Anatomy Cast

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Photo of Maddie, link to Maddie's Fight Song

One of 5 Unforgettable Jimmy Fund moments from 2015 See all these inspiring and encouraging moments here.

Fight Song!

featuring Rachel Platten

Week 2 was a great week for Madeline. Madeline came up with the idea of making a video to the Fight Song by Rachel Platten at The Jimmy Fund Clinic.

After receiving permission and waivers for patients and/or parents to sign from the clinic, Madeline spent the week video taping other children undergoing chemotherapy treatment.


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CvC - Full-Trans

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Hope for Bridgette

Support Maddie’s small friend Bridgette who is fighting her own battle with cancer.

Visit her Facebook page and learn more about this wonderful little girl.

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Maddie's Partners in the Fight